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Why join QSTA affiliate program?

Our brand is a recognized on over 7 countries with thousands of 5 STAR REVIEWS on AMAZON which makes it easier for you to create trust, specially if you are already one of our users.

We are constantly creating and launching products to solve your problems, promote your health and hopefully change your life.

Whoever buys our products gets a complete digital guidance and most importantly, real access to certified medical doctors who provide a great service because taking supplements is not a "recipe" for everyone to follow, 9/10 clients require assistance to achieve great results.


    Why did we created this program?

    We created this program because we want to provide our clients, influencers, bloggers and business owners the opportunity to earn money and become partners of our brand.

    Due to COVID-19, we've noticed the high intention of people of creating online businesses to create an EXTRA INCOME every month, at QSTA we believe fundamentally in HELPING EACH OTHER.

    With this program you will be able to make an extra income by promoting our products to your friends, family and why not the world through social media, blogs, Facebook ads, Google ads, etc... there's really no limit.

    Our products can be shipped to every single country in Europe within 1-5 days so your friends, family or new clients will be pleased plus all the perks of our products, specially access to medical doctors!

    We provide you all the features you need to grow your income every month:

    • 10% fixed commission rate: never changes, its fixed!
    • Recurring Commissions: every time a client buys, you earn.
    • MLM-Teams: invite up to 3 others and earn together.
    • Personal referral links and coupons: tools to increase earnings.
    • Banners and other brand materials: professional arts.
    • Shareable social media posts: to promote sales & earnings.
    • Dashboard to check results: easy control of your earnings.
    • Go PRO: create your own team of sales.


    How does it work?

    • Subscribe to our commission program and become a partner: Anyone can do this, you just need an email address and that's it. We do not charge to become part of our program, there are no entry payments, nothing... just subscribe and earn 10% commission of all sales.
    • Get your unique link: When subscribed you will have an unique link, this link is yours only and what it does is that basically tracks down the sales you promote and automatically sets your earnings in the system. You can check your earnings every day if you want to, everything is perfectly clear, simple and transparent.
    • Tell others about the product: Once you have done steps 1 and 2 you just need to start telling others about our products. Odds are that you already done this in the past (told them about the products) and you did not earn any money from it, now you will earn money. 
      • Send the link to all of your friends and family (whatsapp, facebook, instagram, tik tok, email list, etc) who you think they might love our products as you do and create your new passive income business.
    • Get Paid Fast: It's extremely easy to get paid, you can get your payments through PayPal, Payoneer or even Bank Wire Transfer. Paypal is the #1 option for 99% of our affiliates.
      • Threshold: Payments are made after threshold, you need to get to a minimum of 50 to get your first payment.
      • Every 30 days you get 50% of total: Payments are made every 30 days (once a month), we send 50% of your total every month. We send only 50% because clients do return products or claim for refunds, this time allows you and us to fully determine the total to be paid.

    Example of payment schedule:

    • MONTH 1: Total commissions 300€
      • Payment day 30: 150€ (50% month 1)
      • Retention month 1: 150€
    • MONTH 2: Total commissions 500€
      • Payment day 30: 400€ (250€ + 150€)
      • Retention month 2: 250€
    • MONTH 3: Total commissions 1500€
      • Payment day 30: 1000€ (750€ + 250€)
      • Retention month 3: 750€ 


      What is an unique link?

      At the moment that you subscribe, you will receive an unique link. Once you share this link to someone else, the link will take the person you shared the link with to our site and once they have buy something (a sale), it will automatically be established in your earnings dashboard.

      This is why your unique link is so important:

      • Follows and tracks your clients and sales for 45 days.
      • Establishes your commission automatically once the sale is done.
      • Takes your friends and family directly to our website.

      Take care of your link, share it as much as you can and this start making an extra income every month for you and your family.

      You can find your personal link once you login to your dashboard, go to:

      Programs >> QSTA Affiliate >> Resources


      What is an MLM Team?

      An Multi-Level Marketing Team (MLM-T) is an option in which you can invite to our program up to 3 people allowing all of you to work as a team which means that everytime anyone of your team makes a sale, everybody wins!

      Our MLM-T feature is relative, meaning that the affiliate driving the conversion would get the Level 0/standard commission

      Affiliates who are a part of the corresponding affiliate's upline (and within the range of the levels you have set) will also be eligible for commission for that conversion.

      To illustrate how our MLM-T feature operates, we've prepared this example:

      • Default: 10%
      • Level 1: 3%
      • Level 2: 2%
      • Level 3: 1%

      These are our affiliates, along with their relationships within your program:

      • Johnny (parent)
      • Betty (child of Johnny)
      • Angela (child of Betty, grandchild of Johnny).
      • Jim (child of Angela, grandchild of Betty, great grandchild of Johnny).

      If Angela drives a sale with a value of 100€, the commissions would be issued as follows:

      • Angela 10€ (Level 0/standard)
      • Betty: 3€ (Level 1)
      • Johnny: 2€ (Level 2)

      Now, if Jim drives a sale with a value of 100€, the commissions would be as follows:

      • Jim: 10€ (Default)
      • Angela: 3€ (Level 1)
      • Betty: 2€ (Level 2)
      • Johnny 1€ (Level 3)

      You can find your personal link once you login to your dashboard, go to:

      Programs >> QSTA Affiliates >> MLM


      So, how much can YOU make per month?

      Meet Marta from Madrid, Spain

      Marta is a 45 year old woman from Madrid, she fell in love with our products in August 2019 and has lost over 18kg in the process.

      As you might already think, she is super happy with our brand but lost her job during COVID-19 in march 2020.

      Long story short, Marta subscribed to this program and today she is making from 800-1800€ per month (passive income) just by promoting our products.

      This is how she did it and how you can do it:

      1. Marta subscribed 100% FREE on our program and got here UNIQUE LINK.
      2. She shared the link with all her family and friends via Whatsapp!! That was super smart of her because is FREE -- Marta made from this 400€ in a single week.
      3. Marta invited her friends to our program, why? Well, if you invite others to our program you will also increase your earnings per month, you are basically creating your own sales team, this increased her profit per month in about 300-400€ per month.
      4. Marta gets paid monthly via PayPal and Payoneer.

      Now Marta has a more professional system, she still uses Whatsapp but now she is even doing emails and Facebook ads (she spends 50€ a month).

      You can do exactly the same thing at the beginning, this will not cost you any money, just one message to all of your family and friends via Whatsapp which is 100% free. 

      Select the best option to register or click here to login if already registered:
      • United Kingdom: payments in pounds, dashboard in english.
      • Spain: payments in euro, dashboard in spanish.
      • Italy: payments in euro, dashboard in italian.
      • France: payments in euro, dashboard in french.
      • Germany: payments in euro, dashboard in german.
      • UAE: payments in dirham, dashboard in english.
      • USA: payments in dollars, dashboard in english.
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